UserID data inconsistency - new Mandants

  • Dear I-Doit team,

    we have data inconsistency in tables isys_person_intern across all Mandants. By inconsistency i mean that userX has in first mandant id 44 and id 25 in second Mandant. This becomes problem in case user wants to swicht mandant using drop-down menu (left top corner of I-Doit interface) and becomes following error:

    isys_exception_database : Query error: 'UPDATE isys_user_session SET isys_user_session__isys_person_intern__id ='44' WHERE isys_user_session__php_sid='ca6a46ae4afbd436f5944cc6d06f9ef9';': Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`idoitnew_mandant2/isys_user_session`, CONSTRAINT `isys_user_session_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`isys_user_session__isys_person_intern__id`) REFERENCES `isys_person_intern` (`isys_person_intern__id`) O) :CMDB > Server > rvimsapps > Ɯbersichtsseite
    Logged in as: userx

    Idoit version: 0.9.9-1

    My guess is that inconsistency begins once you work just with one Mandant for some time (and users are created in mandant1 schema) and then you create second mandant. Users will login into system and they are created in mandant2.isys_person_intern under different IDs (depends in which order they login for the first time after second mandant was created) than it is in first schema (mandant1).

    Can you please have a look on this bug?

  • Hmm, what about updating i-doit to 0.9.9-6 first? šŸ™‚

  • does it mean that you know about the issue and it has been fixed in or that you don't support older than current versions?

  • Yes it is fixed

  • thank you

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