Relation error

  • When i am logged in and i go to "Extra" > "Relation" and i press New. i get a little button next to "Object 1:" when i push on it i get:

    isys_exception_cmdb : CMDB Exception: Distributor couldn't determine object ID (id = '')

    PS: This is also on the DEMO of I-doit.


    When i go to "infrastructure" and i click on a object and i go to "Relation" and then "New". I get this message: Parameter error.

  • I get the same "Parameter error" when I want to assign Users to Groups or Groups to Users in a fresh installation
    no varibles an posted by the ajax request and the js console says:
    Browser is not defined

  • there seem to be differences in the src/tools/js/scripts.js script of the online demo and the one that is shipped with the download zip. When I exchanged the later with the popup worked like a charm.

  • Yea thats true, we had a packaging problem there and repacked the zip files after some hours. Re-downloading the package should have also helped

  • Hi, We compiling with no optimisations I get this error, when full optimistation is on there is no error message. Any ideas?

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