• Hi,

    we are importing data to i-doit using API, now we need to use te password category (C__CATG__PASSWD) but the password attribute cannot be written.

    So if you try the api:

    • when you fetch data from i-doit you can read all the attributes including passwords (ciphered string)
    • when you try to add a password using api you get the following error:
    Internal error: There was an validation error [password: (password) Unable to retrieve corresponding validator for property type 'password']

    Also when you go to i-doit gui config to see "Categories and attributes" if you fetch data for password category you get this (password attribute doens't have "Data type (write)"):
    Screenshot 2019-05-23 at 11.15.10.png

    When we go deep into code to know the source of this problem we found two problems:

    • C__PROPERTY__INFO__TYPE__PASSWORD is not mapped in PropertyWriteEntityDefinition. We solved it adding the following code to src/classes/modules/api/src/Property/PropertyWriteEntityDefinition.php at line 88:
                case C__PROPERTY__INFO__TYPE__PASSWORD:
                    $propertyEntity = new PropertyWriteEntity('Text', 'Example text value');
                    $propertyEntity->addDefinition('string', 'Valid string value with maximum 255 characters.', 'Example text value');

    After that, if you check other time the attributes from passwords category at gui now password attribute have string as "Data type (write)":
    Screenshot 2019-05-23 at 11.13.51.png

    • C__PROPERTY__INFO__TYPE__PASSWORD is not mapped in PropertyValidationFactory. We solved it adding the following code to src/classes/modules/api/src/Validation/PropertyValidationFactory.php at line 46:
            C__PROPERTY__INFO__TYPE__PASSWORD       => Text::class,

    After that, we can use API to push passwords (ciphered) into i-doit. 🎉 🎉

  • i-doIT Team

    unfortunately nobody answered yet...
    Thank you for the hint.