LDAP - Table headers are required to create a list

  • Hello,
    Last week I wrote already my problem into the German forum without any answer until now.

    I've set up my first i-doit environment. I could also configure the LDAP service. But when I open "Contacts->LDAP->LDAP Server" I get the following message: "Table headers are required to create a list.".

    I don't know what this mean? What can I do?

    The connection to our LDAP server (Domain Controller) can be established and works fine.

    Connection OK!
    50 or more objects found in OU=User & Groups,OU=XXXX,OU=Germany,OU=XXXX,DC=XXXX,DC=COM.

    Thanks in advance

  • Thanks for your hint. It's a bug which we are going to fix for the next Version.
    But there is currently no functionality behind that link anyway. LDAP contacts and users are synchronized directly into Contacts -> Persons via i-doit crontab handlers: http://doc.i-doit.org/wiki/DE:Systemkonfiguration#Handler

  • Okay … Thank you!


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