Problems creating LDAP Server

  • I've installed i-doit version v0.9.9-3 in conjunction with a MySQL database. After successful installation I tried to configure an LDAP server with authentication. But when I'm trying to add a new LDAP server, filling out all the available fields I get the following error message:

    Error! Could not save!
    isys_exception_database : Query error: 'UPDATE isys_ldap SET isys_ldap__isys_ldap_directory__id = '1', isys_ldap__hostname = 'my_LDAP_server', isys_ldap__port = '389', isys_ldap__dn = 'my_LDAP_DN', isys_ldap__password = 'my_LDAP_password', isys_ldap__user_search = 'o=nokia', isys_ldap__group_search = '', isys_ldap__filter = '(objectClass=user)', isys_ldap__active = '1', isys_ldap__recursive = '1', isys_ldap__timelimit = '15', isys_ldap__tls = '0', isys_ldap__version = '3', isys_ldap__status = '' WHERE (isys_ldap__id = '1');': Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'isys_ldap__status' at row 1 

    I can't see the LDAP Status field in the HTML form. So how can I correct this?

  • You chould change your sql_mode in your mysql config. I think you're currently running the strict/safe mode, right? (You can check it out with "show variables like 'sql_mode';" or SELECT @@GLOBAL.sql_mode;)

  • ah yes. Thanks! That seems to be the problem. My MySQL DB was set to strict mode….

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