Server Tickets

  • I can't seem to find how to add tickets into the system, esp for servers.  Anyone got a step by step for added a ticket?  Thanks!

    Michael R. James
    Systems Administrator

  • There are two possible ways to do that. You can use the internal workflow system to generate 'tasks' (doing something once) or 'checklists' (soing something on a regular basis). I think there should be a basic documentation available in English. You should have a look here:

    Otherwise you can connect the Request Tracker (RT) from Bestpractical  and i-doit in a way, that they can look in and reference each others databases. That means: While creating a ticket in RT you can reference items in i-doit. And, vice versa: in i-doit you will see the items and their corresponding tickets.

    So, you have to decide which way fits your needs better.

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