How to organise licenses with multiple license groups

  • Hello,

    i have a strange problem with my software licences. i used the manual on this site:

    i have created 1 licence object with the Title "Microsoft Office 2003"
    within that license object i created 2 license groups: MSDN and RETAIL. After that i connect 2 licenses to MSDN(msdn 1/2) and 2 licenses to RETAIL (Retail 1 and 2)

    Then i add that license to a application "Mircrosoft Office 2003".

    After that i created 2 clients. Both linked to Microsoft Office 2003 with both a Retail license. When i open the group "Retail" i see 2 licenses in use. That's fine, but when i open the license group "MSDN" i see the same RETAIL licenses.

    I never connected a license from the MSDN group.

    Is this by design?

    thnx for your help

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