I-doit 0.9.9-7 released

  • Hi all,

    The new release version number 0.9.9-7 is now available. A significant revision of the current version is a completely revised im- and export function. Additionally, all available browsers in i-doit (eg, location, object or connection browser) have been remodeled.

    New features include:

    **Import and export functions:
    Missing categories completion of import and export functions. Routine improvement and optimization. Now complex objects can be duplicated accurately and the multi-template system is also fully usable with this version.

    Object browser
    . With the newly developed object browsers, significant improvements in stability, performance and scalability have been achieved. In addition, new functions cater to creating new objects directly from the browser or allowing multiple selections.

    Changes in release 0.9.9-7

    • Revision of print views
    • Rounding off im- and export, duplication, and template system
    • Improvement of the CSV import
    • Export and import of customized categories
    • Improved reference handling when importing / templating / duplicating
    • Improved CMDB browser
    • New object browser to link CMDB objects
    • New connection browser to connection devices (network, storage, ..)
    • New object type SIM card
    • New category SIM card
    • New object type crypto card
    • New category crypto card
    • New category TSI-service
    • Connecting mobile cards with mobile phones
    • Abolition of the menu item "Modules", replaced by "Extras"
    • Relocation of the module configuration in "Administration"
    • Improvement in the logbook change history

    Bug fixes Release 0.9.9-7

    A special thanks goes to Mr. Martin Knab at EITCO (http://www.eitco.de/), who has given extensive support with the beta-testing of the latest version. He has played a major role in the release.

    • Locations are again displayed correctly in the list view
    • Entries are no longer displayed twice in the CMDB explorer
    • Some display errors in IE (eg. in the CMDB explorer and in the list view) have been fixed
    • Nagios errors in the contact display have been fixed (occurred after the Nagios installation)
    • Incorrect values no longer slip into the dialogue list of network/type
    • With the licenses the selected lists and group overview are again correctly displayed and counted
    • Location relationships have been corrected and applied correctly (usually a display error occurred in the CMDB explorer)
    • The URL to the log after the update is correct ("/" and "" were reversed and the name was wrong)
    • Devices that occupy both sides of the rack will now appear correctly in the rack view
    • When creating multiple ports letters "starting from" have been intercepted
    • Query editor: Categories for conditions are now sorted alphabetically
    • Adaption of the screen resolution to 1024x768 has been applied
    • Special characters when creating objects no longer cause problems
    • Specific categories are now evaluated via the query editor
    • Nagios:
      Timeperiods entries can be created and saved
      Host escalation / service escalation contacts are displayed correctly again
      Potential security vulnerabilities (SQL injections) were closed
    • Export:
      Objects with apostrophe or inch symbol can be selected again

    You can find the latest version in the subscription portal at https://login.i-doit.com/.

    Please do not forget to make a backup from your datatbase before updating.

    To test the pro version of i-doit with its advantages to the open-source version, you can order a free 30-day-trial at

    We wish you success and fun with the new release. May you do well!

    Best regards,

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