Ticket push rt -> I-doit / controller multiple mandator aware ?

  • Hi all,

    A collegue of mine posted a while back regarding the object sync of idoit towards RT not functioning correct in a multiple mandator setup.  (http://forum.i-doit.org/index.php/topic,2603.0.html)

    Now that we are using it towards production, we noticed that when calling the controller.php with the request_tracker handler, letting it log into all the mandators seperately my using -u -p and -i specifying the mandator,  it collects all tickets , and pushes them into the mandator. This , resulting in tickets being pushed that first, don't belong to this mandator, and second, linking to strange objects (tickets for a server being linked to a rack, a software object etc etc).

    We are running trough the code at the moment, but could it be that the controller handler for request_tracker isn't multiple mandator aware ? Or did we make a fuckup ?

    thanks in advance



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