OU empty in LDAP branch issue

  • Hi,

    i'm triying to connect my i-doit (0.9.9-7 ) with a openlap. In the ldap's debug file appear:

    2012-02-15 13:58:10 ldap: Testing connection to ldap.servertest.com:389 (uid=jhon.doe,o=sales,o=financial,o=mycompany,c=com)
    2012-02-15 13:58:10 ldap: Connected to ldap.servertest.com
    2012-02-15 13:58:10 ldap: Connection successfull.
    2012-02-15 13:58:10 ldap: No objects found in your configurated OU. No one will be able to login into i-doit. Check filter and search-dn.

    the problen is that in the o=sales, there isn´t any OU defined, so i'm not sure about the correct value for the fields:

    Search for users in (OU) (*):


    Search for groups in (OU) (*):

    I'm not the admin of the ldap server.

    Thanks in advanced

  • any idea?

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