Several newbie questions: import, reports and backup documenting.

  • Hi all!

    I've recently discovered i-doit and found it really suits my documentation needs. After some tweaking, testing and partial translation to polish language i still have some questions:

    1. The comparison on shows, that importing h-inventory is not supported in open source version, but OS demo allows inventory importing. So is it supported in OS? Would it be legal if I would translate XML from h-inventory format to i-doit export format?

    2. I've read that custom reports can be created in pro version with aid of query builder. Would it be possible/legal to make them somehow manually in Open Source version?

    3. Is it possible in any version to prepare and print multi page report about one object, for example selected server, with all or subset of its properties, aside from printing overview?

    4. How do you document specific server or application backup details? I would like to document backup method, schedule, used scripts and their changes. Is it for what "Replication object" is for or do I have to place it in server description? Do you keep a backup log with successful and failed backups?

    Thanks in advance and best regards!

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