Module for OTRS 4.x?

  • Good morning
    Installed OTRS 3.3.11, i-doit 1.4.8 and ReferenceIDoitObjects 0.9 = all work fine.
    Install OTRS 4.0.3, i-doit 1.4.8 and ReferenceIDoitObjects 0.9 = all work fine, except "Reference i-doit Objects" in AgentTicketZoom.
    Most likely it needed to change object handling as described on OTRS site and change template as decribed here.
    Will be OTRS Module ReferenceIDoitObjects updated to actual OTRS 4?

  • Any man alive?

  • i-doIT Team


    Thanks for your message. Our OTRS module supports only OTRS Help Desk 3.3.x. But your hints sound very interesting. Are you familiar with hacking on OTRS/in Perl? The module's code is open source and available on BitBucket: We're glad to receive your pull requests. Feel free to contribute 🙂 Thanks in advance!


  • Hello,

    are there any News on updating the OTRS Module to compatibility with OTRS 4.x?

    As a new customer with OTRS 4.0, we can not use the module because there is no possibility to downgrade OTRS.

    best regards,


  • i-doIT Team

    Hello Marko,

    I'm afraid there aren't any news. Our OTRS integration requires OTRS Help Desk 3.3.x. The 4.x branch is still unsupported. But the OTRS module is open source, so everybody who needs 4.x support is encouraged to send us pull requests and fixes.


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