I-doit to RT integration partially working

  • Hi All,

    I am testing i-doit integrations with Request Tracker.

    I found an issue where the 'Referenced i-doit objects' field in RT is only populated if you are logged into i-doit, otherwise you see 'Error while loading object types'.  If I am logged into i-doit the api is called and there are no issues.

    OS Version:    CentOS 6.6
    RT Version:    4.2
    Idoit Version: 1.4.8 Open

    I have tried to specify $IDoitUser and $IDoitPassword in the RT_SiteConfig to no avail (Doesn't seem to be supported in the latest version).

    Anyone have some insight into this behavior and how to fix it?  My idoit config is below:

    #idoit config
        Set($IDoitURL, 'http://hostname.domain.com/idoit/');
        Set($IDoitAPI, $IDoitURL . '?api=jsonrpc');
        Set(%IDoitMandatorKeys, (
            'i-doit mandator' => '1cpk8xxxx',
    	#Set($IDoitUser, 'admin');
    	#Set($IDoitPassword, 'pass');
        Set($IDoitDefaultMandator, 'i-doit mandator');
        Set($IDoitDefaultView, 'objects');
        Set($IDoitInstalledSoftware, 'relations'); 
        Set($IDoitShowCustomFields, 1); 


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