Error in showing UPS information

  • Hi,

    I identified 2 UPSs with basic information (Title and Model)

    In Infrastructure main screen I cannot see anything of these

    Please help

    30-11-2016 9-51-03 PM.png

  • Ooooooops

    I think I have a Disaster in my system

    All type are not listed in the main board, and when I click on Servers for example, I receive a message "Warning: Attention! please overwrite or refresh your list configuration!"

    So when I go to configure list I can't find any usable attribute !!!!

    Please help

    30-11-2016 10-40-08 PM.png
    30-11-2016 10-42-52 PM.png

  • Fortunately, the problem is solved when I upgrade from 1.8 to 1.8.1

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