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  • I've worked with I-DoIt before and I found IP address management one of the great features to use at that time.
    So I installed the open version to get things organized for another organization but to my disappointment I'm missing the 'Net, IP List' option in 'Layer 3-Net' objects.
    I'm able to link hardware objects with host name to the 'Layer 3-Net' object, but I'm lacking the overview of IP addresses.

    In the online demo the option 'Net, IP list' exists, but it returns an error when clicked on any 'Layer 3-Net' object:
    CMDB Error: Ui error: UI for isys_cmdb_dao_category_s_net_ip_addresses does not exists.

    Maybe this is related to my problem of not having the option at all in my local install.

  • i-doIT Team

    Hello h.dijk,

    The IP lists are only available in i-doit pro and excluded from i-doit open. For a complete list of differences between i-doit pro and open see our website:


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