Data from OCS are not updated in i-doit

  • Hi all,

    We are currently testing i-doit to define it replies to our needs or not.

    We're facing an issue when we import data from OCS.

    First import is okay and CI is created in i-doit DB but when CI is modified (information is updated in OCS DB) and import is executed in i-doit, CI is not updated in i-doit.
    There is not specific error except this one:

    [2017-07-03 17:21:29 0.35336100] ERROR: Exception Trace:

    • File: /var/www/html/i-doit/controller.php (line: 507)
    • File: /var/www/html/i-doit/src/handler/isys_handler_ocs.class.php (line: 173)
    • File: /var/www/html/i-doit/src/handler/isys_handler_ocs.class.php (line: 5692)
    • File: /var/www/html/i-doit/src/classes/components/isys_component_signalcollection.class.php (line: 286)
    • File: /var/www/html/i-doit/src/classes/modules/cmdb/src/Search/IndexExtension/Signals.php (line: 132)
    • File: /var/www/html/i-doit/src/classes/modules/cmdb/src/Search/IndexExtension/OnelineIndexer.php (line: 485)
    • File: /var/www/html/i-doit/src/classes/components/isys_component_database_mysqli.class.php (line: 593)
      Message: "Database error : Query error: 'REPLACE INTO isys_search_idx (isys_search_idx__version, isys_search_idx__type, isys_search_idx__key, isys_search_idx__value, isys_search_idx__reference) SELECT 1, 'cmdb', CONCAT(isys_obj__isys_obj_type__id, '.global.', isys_catg_global_list.isys_catg_global_list__id, '.tag'), isys_tag__title, isys_catg_global_list__isys_obj__id FROM isys_catg_global_list INNER JOIN isys_tag_2_isys_obj ON (isys_catg_global_list__isys_obj__id = isys_tag_2_isys_obj.isys_obj__id OR isys_catg_global_list.isys_catg_global_list__id = isys_tag_2_isys_obj.isys_obj__id) INNER JOIN isys_tag ON isys_tag.isys_tag__id = isys_tag_2_isys_obj.isys_tag__id INNER JOIN isys_obj ON isys_catg_global_list__isys_obj__id = isys_obj.isys_obj__id WHERE !ISNULL(isys_tag_2_isys_obj.isys_obj__id) AND isys_obj__id IN(23) AND isys_obj__isys_obj_type__id NOT IN(34,37,63,60,30,72,80,79,40);':
      Column 'isys_obj__id' in where clause is ambiguous

    Any idea if we missed a setting or something else ?

    Thank you in advance.

    • OCS version: 2.3

    • i-doit version: 1.9.1 PRO


  • Hello Matt,

    thank you for your interest in our product. Can you specify which categories should have been updated for the second OCS import? Is it possible to provide us with the log file which will be created in [i-doit Root folder]/log/ when you set the Logging to "detailed (slower)" or "detailed+debug (very slow & memory intensive)"?

    Best regards,


  • Hi Quyen,

    Thanks for your interest in my post.
    Basically, I'm tryin to update/import all categories of this virtual client.

    Below, message printed in the web interface during import:

    No possible FQDN found for "yutu".
    Using object match profile "Default" for object matching.
    Found Object "yutu" with ID "23".
    Updating existing object yutu (Virtual client)
    Processing model
    Processing CPUs
    Processing memory
    Processing Operating system
    Processing applications
    Processing graphics adapter
    Processing sound adapter
    Processing drives
    Processing network
    Processing UI
    Processing storage
    yutu succesfully updated

    Import successful

    And below, content of log found in [i-doit Root folder]/log folder:

    i-doit 1.9.1 PRO

    host URL

    log for "import_ocs"

    started at 2017-07-11T17:13:08+02:00

    written to "/var/www/html/i-doit/log/import_ocs_2017-07-11_17_13_08.log"

    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.09031300] INFO: Following categories are selected for the import: Operating System, CPU, Memory, Software assignment, Network, Devices, Graphic card, Sound card, Model, Interface, Drives,
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.09032600] INFO: Preparing environment data for the import.
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.14279200] INFO: Starting Import.
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.14280400] INFO: Device count: 1
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.36817900] INFO: Processing device: "yutu".
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.36823400] DEBUG: MAC-addresses found for yutu.
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.36823700] DEBUG: Serial found for "yutu".
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.36824400] DEBUG: No possible FQDN found for "yutu".
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.36824500] DEBUG: Checking object type.
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.36825700] DEBUG: Object type is set in the dialog. Using selected Object type Virtual client for "yutu".
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.40865000] INFO: Using object match profile "Default" for object matching.
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.42866700] INFO: Found Object "yutu" with ID "23" via object matching.
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.42868100] INFO: Object found. Updating object-ID: 23
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.43026800] DEBUG: Updating object with object type: LC__CMDB__OBJTYPE__VIRTUAL_CLIENT.
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.48996400] INFO: Processing model
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.54725000] INFO: Processing CPUs
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.55945700] INFO: Processing memory
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.59407600] INFO: Processing Operating system
    [2017-07-11 17:13:09 0.71113100] INFO: Processing applications
    [2017-07-11 17:13:10 0.32736100] INFO: Processing graphics adapter
    [2017-07-11 17:13:10 0.34071700] INFO: Processing sound adapter
    [2017-07-11 17:13:10 0.39116400] INFO: Processing drives
    [2017-07-11 17:13:10 0.46943200] INFO: Processing network
    [2017-07-11 17:13:10 0.48457700] INFO: Processing UI
    [2017-07-11 17:13:10 0.49064200] INFO: Processing storage
    [2017-07-11 17:13:10 0.49922900] INFO: "yutu" succesfully updated.
    [2017-07-11 17:13:10 0.49955600] INFO: Import successful

    For instance, this server has now 2 cores (CPU) after upgrade but still 1 core is show in i-doit (2 in OCS).

    Thank you.

  • Hello Matt,

    maybe you found a small bug in the OCS Inventory import. To verify it could you please try the category "Memory" in i-doit to see if its updating properly? For example deleting an entry in the category "Memory".

    Best regards,

  • Thanks for your feedback.

    I made a new test with interesting result:

    • filesytem resize on virtual client (OCS agent)

    • new size information is present in OCS server

    • import process execution in i-doit but information has not been upgraded in i-doit

    • deletion of FS in i-doit drive category

    • new import from OCS

    • filesystem reappeared in i-doit with new size

    So it concerns only information update…

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