[solved] Licenses > License Keys; License Keys not available

  • Hello there,

    i just have started configuring and feeding our i-doit(1.9.4 OPEN) CMDB. Right now i am trying to configure a Licensing overview to see how many Licenses of Product X are in Use/available.
    After i have configured the first "Test License" Object i noticed that i am missing the "License Keys" Category/Attributes.

    In the License Overview i can see the Columns:
    Title: General > Title;
    Amount: License Keys > Amount;
    Licenses Free: License Keys > Licenses Free;
    License Type: License keys > License Type;
    CMDB status: General > CMDB status;

    as soon as i open the properties of the Test License Object, there is no category folder for licenses (License assignment) as i can see it in Tutorials and documentation.
    License assignment

    • Category folder with subordinated categories View and License keys; often assigned to the object type Licenses


    So i tried to edit the Object "Licenses" via the Object List in the Administration Settings. Here i can see, that the Attributes are selected:


    Also strange: As soon as i unselect (-) them, i can not find the in the usable attributes anymore. (also not under specific)

    In the Object type configuration i tried to add the Category Folder "License assignment) to the Licenses Object Type, but there is not any licenses category i could add here in the complete list...:

    What do i have to do, to configure my licenses Properly?

    I have been struggling with that problem for too long time now and i really hope you guys can help me out here.

    Thanks so much in advance!



  • i-doIT Team

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