Not able to import xml on UI

  • I am Not able to import xml on UI.
    It's not accepting the exported xml's from it's own database.Can't import any .xml or .csv files on the i-doit XML import.
    When i select a file from the File Upload -> Browse the screen flickers once but the file is not visible in the user interface.

  • I am actually able to see the excel files in the import folder on the server but they are not imported on the UI. Please help to resolve i need to import a lot of excel data.i have converted excel to .csv format with UTF-8 already

    [root@localhost etc]# cd /var/www/html/i-doit/imports
    [root@localhost imports]# ls
    2018_09_24__Server (1).csv 2.txt.csv 2.xml.csv ExportList.xml PZ_ndinf-pvvcs001_VM_List.csv qcw
    2018_09_24__Server.csv 2.xls.csv 3.csv HCE_VM_List_ExportList(NOT A COMPLETE LIST DUE TO PERMISSION ISSUE).csv PZ_ndinf-pvvcs001_VM_List.xml scripts
    2018_09_25__Client.csv 2.xml ExportList.csv pune-nyadav01-1031405.xml PZ_svinf-pvvcs001_VM_List.csv
    [root@localhost imports]#

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