missing table after fresh install 1.11.2

  • New install, unable to login for first try on 1.11.2

    Error when logging in after supplying username / password
    Table 'idoit_data.isys_user_session' doesn't exist.

    $ sudo -u apache bash install.sh

    Error in installation :
    Databases installed. Creating mandator entries..
    PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /var/www/html/i-doit/setup/generatePassword.php on line 1

    Table is not in idoit_data database as per reference. Suggestions?

  • further review, /var/www/html/i-doit/setup/generatePassword.php does not exist

    Possible other packages missing for setting up session info? I also tried 11.11.1 and it is missing there too.

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