i-doit behind a load balancer

  • good day, i'm trying to get i-doit working in our kubernetes cluster. it it working great on a local docker install.

    The issue is that session information don't get written to database. First it raise a csrf error, and if disabling the csrf code in login i get a "cannot write session to database".

    Tested connection to database from host, and it is working. I went through the code a bit, and i found the session query (that is using client ip - that owuld be a issue as ip will be a random load balancer), but was unable to identify where the exception is thrown.

    I would appreciate is anyone can share there's experience with wunning this service behind aws load balancers


  • Finally got it to work. Had to change some references to modified headers in the session components and modify the base url getter to force HTTPS .

    Thanks for the help

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