Trouble Ticket System (TTS) config skips URL port

  • Hello,

    We are using zammad at port 3000 and when we try to integrate this instance with i-doit. Investigating deeply about this problem we see that in constructor of class isys_connector_ticketing_zammad at $this->m_rt_base_url initialization is missed the port and i-doit won't make request to the correct url.

    We propose two ways to solve it:

    • Add port to rt base url:
         * Injects the used protocol and sets RT's base url.
         * @param isys_protocol $p_protocol
        public function __construct($p_protocol)
            $this->m_ticket_url_pattern = $this->m_protocol->get_base_url() . $this->m_ticket_url_pattern;
            $this->m_rt_base_url = $this->m_protocol->get_host() . ':' . $this->m_protocol->get_port() . $this->m_protocol->get_base_url();
    • Change get_host method of class isys_protocol_http to add port to all implementations with this error (like all other connectors of TTS):
         * Returns the Host without any information
        public function get_host()
            return $this->m_protocol . "://" . $this->m_host . ':' . $this->m_port;
  • i-doIT Team

    Hey @bmsoft
    thank you for the hint.
    If this will be included in further version you can find this in the change logs.