Data Model and Report implementation

  • Hej There!

    I'm new to i-doit and want to solve the following problem with it:

    It would be nice if you have some advice for me how to solve that!

    Kind regards


    My CIs:

    • GNSS Antenna (Serial Number, Manufacturer, Model)
    • GNSS Radome (Serial Number, Manufacturer, Model)
    • GNSS Receiver (IP-Address, Serial Number, Manufacturer, Model)
    • GNSS Firmware (Manufacturer, Version)
    • Default IT-Devices (Router, Switch, UPS, etc., VMServer, PC, Laptop, Handheld)
    • Mountpoint (Code, Coordinates (X, Y, Z))
    • Station (Code, Name)

    My Location:

    • I have several locations where the CIs gonna be located

    My Relations

    • A Location can have multiple Mountpoints
    • A GNSS Antenna is mounted on a Mountpoint, with or without a GNSS Radome
    • A GNSS Antenna/Radome mounting is only valid for a specific time window, until unmounted or changed
    • A Mountpoint can have multiple Stations
    • A GNSS Receiver is related to a Station
    • A GNSS Receiver has Firmware-Updates


    I have to generate a Report in text format which includes information per Station with the following sections:

    • Information about Location (Station -> Mountpoint -> Location)
    • Information about Mountpoint (Station -> Mountpoint)
    • History of all GNSS Antenna/Radome Mountings (Station -> Mountpoint -> GNSS Antenna/Radome mountings)
    • History of all GNSS Receivers separated by Firmware Updates (Station -> GNSS Receiver mountings, GNSS Receiver -> Firmware Updates)




    • id=Location001, street=Example Street 1, zip=1020, city=Vienna, country=Austria


    • id=Mountpoint001, locationId=Location001, x=4149519.51, y=1019509.511, z=4194599.41, code=110AUTM001, inventoryId=49104995, othermeta=...


    • id=Station001, mountpointId=Mountpoint001, code=VIE1
    • id=Station002, mountpointId=Mountpoint001, code=VIE2


    • id=Manufacturer001, name=Leica Geosystems
    • id=Manufacturer002, name=Trimble


    • id=Firmware001, manufacturerId=Manufacturer001, version=9.14
    • id=Firmware002, manufacturerId=Manufacturer001, version=9.15
    • id=Frimware003, manufacturerId=Manufacturer002, version=S1.23

    GNSS Antenna

    • id=GNSSAnt001, snr=LA03914, manufacturerId=Manufacturer001, model=LEICA.AR25.R3, inventoryId=49104996
    • id=GNSSAnt002, snr=LA04121, manufacturerId=Manufacturer001, model=LEICA.AR25.R4, inventoryId=49104997
    • id=GNSSAnt003, snr=123941, manufacturerId=Manufacturer002, model=ZEPHYR2G, inventoryId=49104998

    GNSS Radome

    • id=GNSSRad001, snr=LD49100, manufacturerId=Manufacturer001, model=LEIT, inventoryId=49104999
    • id=GNSSRad002, snr=941010, manufacturerId=Manufacturer002, model=TR01, inventoryId=null

    GNSS Receiver

    • id=GNSSRec001, snr=LR59191, manufacturerId=Manufacturer001, model=GR 30, inventoryId=49105000
    • id=GNSSRec002, snr=5991455, manufacturerId=Manufacturer002, model=Alloy, inventoryId=49105001

    GNSS Antenna/Radome mounting on Mountpoint

    • id=AntRadMount001, mountpointId=Mountpoint001, antennaId=GNSSAnt001, radomeId=null, valid_from=2001-06-30T09:04:05Z, valid_until=2005-09-12T14:12:28Z
    • id=AntRadMount002, mountpointId=Mountpoint001, antennaId=GNSSAnt002, radomeId=GNSSRad001, valid_from=2005-09-12T14:15:00Z, valit_until=null

    GNSS Receiver updates

    • id=RecFirUpdate001, receiverId=GNSSRec001, firmwareId=Firmware001, valid_from=2001-01-04T12:12:43Z, valid_until=2004-04-12T12:00:00Z
    • id=RecFirUpdate002, receiverId=GNSSRec001, firmwareId=Firmware002, valid_from=2004-04-12T12:15:00Z, valid_until=null
    • id=RecFirUpdate003, receiverId=GNSSRec002, firmwareId=Firmware003, valid_from=2006-12-03T07:03:00Z, valid_until=null

    GNSS Receiver mounting on Station

    • id=RecStaMount001, receiverId=GNSSRec001, stationId=Station001, valid_from=2001-01-05T06:00:00Z, valid_until=2019-05-13T12:00:00Z
    • id=RecStaMount002, receiverId=GNSSRec002, stationId=Station001, valid_from=2019-05-13T12:05:00Z, valid_until=null
    • id=RecStaMount003, receiveRId=GNSSRec001, stationId=Station002, valid_from=2019-05-13T12:10:00Z, valid_until=null

    Generated Output

    Station VIE1 (Station001)


    Station VIE2 (Station002)


  • i-doIT Team

    Hello @Jürgen-Fredriksson
    are these the information about the CIs etc. which you want to implement into i-doit?
    Are you using i-doit open or i-doit Pro?
    i-doit Pro offers you the possibility to create custom categories, object types and object type groups where you can customize i-doit.


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