Links with cable-import doesn't work with Power Consumer

  • Oke. How does the linking to other object work? Because linking to Power Consumer doesn't work. Can you help troubleshoot.

    What I done is creating a new switch object. Then created two Power Consumer object with title PSU1 and PSU2. The I checked the documentation for Cabling import module
    For information the power-object is the first object in my CSV and the switch is de last object in my object. So >

    Then after importing this was the result.

  • i-doIT Team

    Hey @sbaas_keylane
    based on this picture the connection between PSU1XXXXX03 and Outlet06 is created. In this case I would say, it worked fine.
    If this is not the desired result, I would appreciate you to describe this more detailed.
    Thanks in advance


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