Hints for raodmap/timeframe

  • Hi

    We are at a status were we gonna start to use I-do-it as CMDB at it-operation with infrastracture, and as RFC-handling.
    Find bunch of buggs (like cant create power plugs and some other objects) and wonder what version that would be best to use. 0.9 version, the current SVN-version or wait until next release? and if next release, what is the timeframe for that?


    Växjö university

  • The timeframe for our next release (version 0.9.1) is a little bit dynamic, but we have set us a goal to release in the next days/weeks. So this version would be best to use, since our svn-version is surely up to date but is also most of the time work-in-progress.

    Greets to sweden!

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