Infrastructure question

  • Hi,

    I use i-doit for my own purpose in the office and i like it very mutch. Its better then all the spreadsheet they are using here.
    But how can i fil in the patchpanel?
    Unther infrastructure is nothig for that.
    Any suggestions, how to defien a patchpanel rack in i-doit?

    Mels Kooijman.

  • A patch panel will be a new object type which will be in the next version or the version after the next. However you could define a new object type by yourself. But this wouldn't have the corresponding methods to display a patch panel with its numerous connections.

  • Where did this request get to?
    I note that it was first made a couple of years ago and it is still a feature that would be apreciated.

  • Yes…sure. It is a highly recommended feature...

    The statement of npotthast has been a bit too optimistic, i'm afraid. We are actually planning the model behind documentation of patch panels, converters and cables. And there will be a release in 2009...

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