Solved it… i-doit does not play nice with special characters in the database password... Simple plain text and it just works.


I just installed i-doit open to see if it fits our needs, it looks it will from the info I have read.

I have installed according to the following installation procedure:

(not for the open version..)

Every check done by the installation procedure has been green and in then end the system asked me to logon with admin/admin in the admin console by pressing "next". Pressing "next" however gives me an error:

Database error : Access denied for user 'idoit'@'localhost' (using password: YES) ()

That looks like a mysql access error, but all pre-flight checks by the installation procedure were green..

What am I missing ?  I see several posts on this but I cannot find one that tells me (in easy terms) how to fix this… The idoit user was created by the installation procedure as far as I understand, so that should just have worked.. Right ?