I-doit & Nagios

  • Hello,

    For our company I'm currently testing to see if I-doit would be something that we could incorporate in our daily business. I have set up I-doit correctly and I have set up Nagios correctly. Now I'm trying to link these two together but this does not work properly in my case.

    Under administration –> Nagios --> NDO Mysql Server I have put in the following values.
    Active: Yes
    IP: Ip address from I-doit & nagios server. (both are on the same server)
    Port: Nothing
    Database schema: nagiosql
    DB Prefix: tbl_
    Username:  *****
    Passsword: *****

    When I press save I get the following error message:
    Connection to NDO database failed:
    isys_exception_database : Access denied for user '*******'@'' (using password: YES)

    When I log in to the mysql database using putty I login with the same credentials as I filled in in these fields.

    Could anyone please help me with this problem?

  • Hello….??

    Anybody here that can help me with this situation?

  • You have to authorize the i-doit installation to connect to the mysql database from, or maybe even from every host with an %. Check the mysql manual for more information about that. You also need to point out if your mysql host accepts tcp connections from other hosts that localhost.

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