Creating a new mandator gives error on login

  • Hello

    I have tried creating a new mandator using the tutorial found here;,370.msg1341.html#msg1341

    Howevere when I try to put this command in SQL it gives an error that the fields isys_mandator__default_lang_const , isys_mandator__default_language_short do not excist in the database. When I remake the SQL command so that these two fields are not used the new mandator is put in the database.

    However when this mandator is saved I cannot login the webinterface. As soon as I try to login with my useraccount instead of a mandator + language to choose it shows nothing at all. When I remove the new mandator entry I can login correctly as before.

    Anyone here knows what I am doing wrong in creating a new mandator?

  • Which version do you use? In newer versions there is an administration center where you can manage your mandator databases. You simply need to set a password in src/ (Admin-Center) and call http://your-i-doit-installation/admin

  • Thanks for the reply. I didn't found anything about this webinterface in the documentationā€¦

  • Yea our documentation is currently getting completely revised because of its age.. šŸ˜‰ The new version will be available soon

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