I-doit, Request Tracker and two companies

  • Hello,

    At the moment we have two companies created in I-doit, Company A and B. Company A is created at the initial installation of I-doit, Company B is created afterwards.

    I have logged in to both companies and made the connection with the RT4 database. I checked the server and clients to be synchronized and I synchronized the systems of both companies in Request Tracker. In Request Tracker all the systems (from A and B) are present to be selected as a custom field.

    When creating a ticket in RT and selecting a system of Company A as a custom field the ticket is shown in the I-doit webinterface. However, after creating a ticket that is linked to a system of Company B the ticket is never shown in I-doit!?

    Is it not possible to show tickets from Request Tracker in I-doit in multiple companies?


    Mark Tinnemans

  • Hi,
    I answered that in http://forum.i-doit.org/index.php/topic,2517.0.html
    You need to login to your mandators

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