I-doit, Request Tracker synch gives problems

  • Hello

    When I run the command; php /var/ww/i-doit/controller.php -v -m request_tracker > /dev/null I get the following error;
    PHP Warning:  Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/share/i-doit/src/classes/cmdb/dao/isys_cmdb_dao.class.php on line 112

    The tickets from the company created with the i-doit installation are synched and shown in I-doit. Tickets from companies I created after the installation with the admin console are not synched.

    Any idea's????!!!!????

  • Anyone….................??

  • You have to login with the other mandator in order to sync other mandators. The login parameters are -u -p and -i, where -i is the id of your mandator. -u and -p are username and password

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