Create new Ticket (Request Tracker), but not shown in idoit *solved*

  • Hi there.
    I use idoit with Request Tracker 4.0.4 (ticketsystem) and everything works fine.
    The interface to the Request-Server was configured successfully in the backend of idoit.
    The synchronisation also works..

    After creating a new ticket in RT there won't be shown in idoit!!
    The category "ticket" was assigned to the testobject in idoit!!

    can you help me?


    I got the solution:

    Copy Example Config file:
    cp /var/www/i-doit/src/handler/config/examples/ /var/www/i-doit/handler/config

    Automatical Login:
    nano /var/www/i-doit/src/handler/config/
    User: admin, Pass: ~

    Start Connection:
    php /var/www/i-doit/controller.php –v –m request_tracker

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