• Hi everybody

    We just started to work with i-doit and have the Version 1.1 Pro.

    We would like to configure i-doit to our requirements but need some help.

    1. How can we sort the infrastructure tree alphabetic?
    2. Is it possible to configure the SYSID? If yes, how? The field is grayed out.
    3. Where and how can we find or create a list with all devices which we implemented yet?
    4. We´ve got a couple suppliers and we would like to implement those so that we have a field at all devices where we can choose between them. Is it possible to draw up suppliers?

    Thank you so far for your help.

  • Hello Rubberduck,

    3: You should take a look at our report-module (extras > reports)
    4: You have several options:

    • You could add your suppliers as a organisations (in the contacts) and add these as "contact assignment" with the role "supplier"
    • You could create an own category in the administration area: "Administration > Custom categories".

    Best regards

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