Unable to upload pdf file

  • hi!

    I need some help on this. I've been messing around with i-doit lately to promote it for a company. And i've been stumbling on this problem over and over again.
    If i upload a file like a .csv, .doc, .mp3, it al works. But when i try to upload a .pdf I get he same view you would get when you succesfully uploaded a file BUT if you look closely you can see it's a summary of another file that's already been uploaded.

    i've checked the max_upload_size  and that shouldn't be the problem.

    Anyone any advise on how to solve this ?

  • i-doit Kenner


    Have you tried to find messages in your logs (e.g. on debian /var/log/apache/error.log)?


  • I am new to FileZilla and I can not find a way to delete a file after downloaded.  Any Ideas?

    Thak You,

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