LDAP Module

  • Hello,

    I have problem with LDAP module, cannot access to this module via Web Interface.

    I have error:

    isys_exception_general : Could not load module 1007 : Couldn't get module object from register!
    isys_exception_general : isys_module_ldap does not exist!
    Disable or delete this module in database table isys_module or the i-doit module-manager!

    Additionaly, can someone send me LDAP configuration steps for Microsoft AD.

    Also cannot set location for Objects, when I try to do that I have error:

    isys_exception_database : Query error: 'INSERT INTO isys_catg_location_list SET isys_catg_location_list__isys_obj__id = '24', isys_catg_location_list__parentid = NULL, isys_catg_location_list__pos = NULL, isys_catg_location_list__insertion = '', isys_catg_location_list__description = '', isys_catg_location_list__status = '2' ':
    Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'isys_catg_location_list__insertion' at row 1

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hello nikolas,

    is it possible that you are using the OPEN i-doit version and work with multiple mandators? The first problem occurs, if one mandator has installed the LDAP module, but the second doesn't - You can re-install a module during a i-doit update.

    For the second error you could try to update the necessary table field to allow "empty" values.

    Best regards,

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