Menu Bar missing categories

  • I have just installed the program and looking to customise the object categories to suit my needs.

    currently the only menus i have are software infrastructure other contact and extras.

    is it possible to delete these and create new ones?

    I have also seen from the i-doit docs a category Hardware. I do not have this….

    Im on 1.8 open

  • anybody?

    screenshot of what i mean is attached.

    I have checked the demo version of open and can see the tabs that i am missing.


  • Hi,

    in the Open version it's not possible to change the objecttype groups within the GUI.
    In the Pro version you have a tool called Quick Configuration Wizard that allows you to edit them.

    What you can do is edit the database. The list of groups is in table "isys_obj_type_group". Just add your own group there (ID above 1000) and make sure all columns are filled (Just make it match the existing ones).
    Add the LC (Language constant) you created to a custom language file. An example can be found at /src/lang/ More information here: Knowledgebase

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