Wiring question

  • Hi,

    I'm just starting with i-doit and the product look really nice and usefull for me.

    I have a question regarding the wiring:
    I'm working in Switzerland and we have an optical fiber connector called E2000 (the question is the same with another connector). In my infrastructure, to link two buildings I have a switch with a SFP transceiver on port 24 but this port is connected with a fiber patch panel to two E2000 connectors, let say 1 and 2. And in the other building the two E2000 connectors are 3 and 4 and are connected to the port 26.
    switch1 port 24 -> E2000 1&2 -> E2000 3&4 -> switch2 port 26

    I've manage to create the first link (1 port to many) but the second (many to 1) is impossible to create.
    Didi I do it correctly ? Does anyone have the same issue? Is it possible to implement differently ?

    Thank you for your feedbacks


  • No, it is a problem with the implementation. At the moment you cannot connect two ports with the same cable. It is fixed in version 1.9 which will be available in May.

  • I have the new version installed, but I don't see any change.

    Do I do it the wrong way ?

  • In 1.9, you can connect one cable to two different endpoints (see screenshot 1). You can add fibers to the cable and define which fibers are connected to which endpoint (screenshot 2).

    …and I just saw there is an untranslated language constant. Im going to give this to our developement team.


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