New install on shared database

  • I'm hoping to try installing this on a shared site-shared database webhost (1&1).

    My webhost allows me to have multiple websites by serving from different subfolders of the root and I have a number of sites including several WordPress sites running concurrently but they all share a single database; each site just prefixes the table names with a unique prefix.

    Is it possible to install i-doit in this way? I've checked the problems and questions others have raised while installing and one problem I can foresee is that i-doit seems to want to create a dedicated database; it doesn't allow the same trick that wordpress facilitates?

  • Wow. I think you can get it to work by manually search and replacing database links in the sourcecode. But this will be absolutely fragile and unupdateable. Why dont you just get a dedicated 5 Euro per month dedicated server? The specs for running i-doit are really low for a small installation.

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