Change i-doit database passwords

  • Hello,

    We made an initial deployment of i-doit for testing purposes and now we wish to use the same virtual machine for our internal environment in order to support some of our customers.

    We want to use a more robust password for both database users ('root' and 'idoit'), since the one we configured for testing purposes is way too weak. But we are having problems with that.

    So far, we have tried changing the users' passwords directly in the database (following the steps in and then changing the 'idoit' user password in the src/ file in the installation path of i-doit. After these changes, we enter the i-doit Admin Center and the access is all broken up, with messages stating that the 'idoit' user is not authorized to access the database.

    Could you give us pointers on how we should proceed to change the database users' passwords? Our virtual machine has i-doit 1.9.2 running on Debian 8.9 and MariaDB v15.1 (Distrib. 10.0.30).

    Thank you very much in advance. Let me know if you need any additional information from my end.

    Best regards,

    Camilo Delgado

  • Hi,

    what you have to do is the following (in this order!):

    • Go to the i-doit admin center and navigate to tenants. Write down the username for each tenant in the Mysql section. Change the password for each MySQL user in the admin center GUI.

    • Open a mysql client and change the MySQL password for the users that you just identified (matching the passwords you entered in the admin center). Don't forget to commit a 'flush privileges;' command.

    • Try to login to i-doit. If you can still login, go on and change the system user password.

    • Open the file /[idoit_webroot]/src/ and look at the
              $g_db_system = array(
              "user" => "xxx",
              "pass" => "yyy
      part. Change the password to a new password in the file and save it.

      • Open a mysql client and change the MySQL password for the user mentioned in the file. Don't forget to commit a 'flush privileges;' command.

      • Login to i-doit

      Additional expert hint: The tenant database passwords are set in the 'idoit_system' database in table 'isys_mandator'.

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