Importing CSV and definition of the "Period of warranty"

  • Hello, i'm using the CSV import in I-doit and i'm willing to define the fields "Period of Warranty"in the "Accounting" tab on a Clients but i don't know what value my csv need to contains and what assigment do i need to define.
    The period of Warranty in i-doit is define with 3 fields on the same line, the first is a scrolling menu with 3 possible values ("by date of invoice", "by delivery date", by order date"), the second is a textbox which is supposed to contains a digit and the third is a scrolling menu with the time period ("Days", "Weeks", "Month", "Years").

    Do you know what value do i need to put into my csv to get a period of warranty like this : By date of invoice 3 Years ?

    Thanks per advance

  • Hello @Terence,

    in case you haven't figured it out yourself yet.
    Here's the solution:

    The CSV looks like this:

    OBJTitle;Delivery Date;guarantee_period_dialog;guarantee_period_timeperiod
    backup0;2019-02-16;by delivery date;3 Years

    Now you have to map it like :

    And then start Importing. Done

    Best regards

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