LDAP configuration failures

  • Hello
    I am configuring i-doit open with the following configuration

    Compatibility check
    Operating System: Linux
    version: 4.18.0-147.5.1.el8_1.x86_64 # 1 SMP Tue Jan 14 15:50:19 UTC 2020

    PHP version 7.3.5 (PHP 7.3 recommended)
    MariaDB version 10.3.17 (MariaDB 10.4 recommended)

    PHP Settings

    PHP Extensions
    session Used by CMDB OK
    zlib Used by CMDB OK
    mysqli Used by CMDB, JDisc Connector, LDAP, open, Search OK
    pcre Used by CMDB OK
    xml Used by CMDB OK
    json Used by CMDB, JDisc Connector, LDAP, open, Search OK
    spl Used by CMDB, JDisc Connector, LDAP, open OK
    mbstring Used by CMDB OK
    ldap Used by LDAP OK
    sockets Used by Monitoring OK

    Apache modules
    mod_rewrite Used by CMDB, List edit, Search OK Test
    Current version 1.14.1
    Current revision 202011401

    And when I am registering the LDAP server and I do the test it returns the following message


    LDAP Bind failed (Can't contact LDAP server). Host: ADEMPRES.EMPRES.LOCAL:389. User: CN=PRUEBASOWA,OU=PruebaGPO,DC=EMPRES,DC=local

    Instead if I force a synchronization of ldap from console if it works correctlym returning the following messages:

    [root@servidor html]# sudo -u apache php console.php ldap-sync -u admin -p Password -v
    Uses LDAP Tenant settings
    Syncing LDAP-Server ADEMPRES.EMPRES.LOCAL (Active Directory)
    User CN=ADMINI,CN=Users,DC=EMPRES,DC=local synchronized.
    No deleted users found.
    Found 1000 disabled object(s) inside dc=EMPRES,dc=local.
    User '$SK8200-HHCPLUV4T50C' d.
    User 'SM_5245af7499804bb0b' d.
    User 'Invitado' d.
    User 'krbtgt' d.
    User 'DefaultAccount' d.
    Regenerating search index..
    Start Indexing!

    Retrieving data for C__CATG__CONTACT
    Retrieving data for C__CATG__IP
    Retrieving data for C__CATS__CLIENT
    Retrieving data for C__CATS__PERSON_GROUP_MASTER
    Retrieving data for C__CATS__PERSON_MASTER
    Start reading 1 rows for C__CATS__PERSON_MASTER
    1/1 [============================] 100% < 1 sec 52.0 MiB
    Finished reading 1 rows

    Start mapping 1 rows to 25 documents for C__CATS__PERSON_MASTER
    25/25 [============================] 100% < 1 sec 52.0 MiB
    22 of 25 documents were skipped!

    Start overwriting documents
    3/3 [============================] 100% < 1 sec 52.0 MiB
    Finished overwriting documents!

    Finished indexing!

    1 rows got read!
    25 documents got mapped!
    22 documents got skipped while mapping, because of empty data!
    3 documents got overwriting!
    0 documents of inserted documents got updated instead, because they already existed!
    Regenerated search index!

    I don't know where the error may be when configuring authentication.

  • Hello @isidro-romero,

    i cannot see any misconfiguration. The problem still exists?

    mfg Micha

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