Little report

  • Hello,

    I'm using i-doit for my own in the office for 1 year now, and very happy with it.
    But my manager knows it and want to use some data.
    I espected in the document isys_component_database.txt some info about the used tables, but the document is empty.
    So i wanna ask you if it is possyble to ell witch tables I must query for the next data:
    Server 'General' information and the maintenance agreement indormation?
    I found some peaces, but not all.
    Can you help?

    Thanks in advange,
    Mels Kooijman.

  • What exactly do you want to do? Generate a report with an SQL statement?

  • correct, I take data from the isys_catg_global_list table for the servers and tables isys_catg_maintenance_list and isys_cats_maintenance_list
    for the maintenance data. I have to combine this with the "General servers" and "maintenance agreement" information.
    But a sort on field isys_catg_global_list__isys_purpose__id gives me the servers but also for example the entry name "service contract"
    What is the right way or table for selecting only the servers in a sql query?
    If you can tell me, then I have the report.


  • Connect your query with the object type (isys_obj_type__const = 'C__OBJTYPE__SERVER') with the connection isys_obj_type_2_isysgui_catg
    Try that or post your whole query so that I can see what is missing.

  • I'm on a short holliday now, I let you know the result when I'm back.


  • sorry for the late response.

    With the object type (isys_obj_type__const = 'C__OBJTYPE__SERVER') with the connection isys_obj_type_2_isysgui_catg I get the information.

    every body happy 🙂

    Thanks for the help

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