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  • Hello evbdy, is there a way to configure host addresses for iSCSI SAN ports?

    Keep up the good work!


  • solved: go into Administration panel and add "Host address" to the SAN object. You're done 🙂
    Hope this can be usefull to some other.


  • Hello,

    When I click on the import buttion, nothing happens (it displays the dashboard screen instead).
    Is there a separate module to install ? If yes, where to download it and how to install ?

    Same for the Nagios Module, it displays an error when I click on it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated …


  • Hello,

    Can someone please explain how to configure modules in v9.9.3 ? Import, LDAP, Nagios … are not working, either getting errors that files are not found, or displaying nothing. LDAP and Nagios modules are working in older versions - the english manual does not explain how to do .

    Without those modules installed, the software is useless ...

    Thanks in advance,

  • Modules are configured in each module itself reachable via "Modules" in the main menu. File not found errors sound like a currupted installation, you should try to reinstall

  • Sorry, same happening here.
    Downloaded version (    5176426  7 okt 15:45 ) today, and installed it.

    No ldap or nagios module is shown in the module list, although ldap support on php is available. Any advice how to have it enabled?

  • Hello,

    Can you tell me how can I do to automatically feed the servers logbooks with Nagios events?  Is it working if Nagios is installed on another server?

    Here's an history of what I did:

    -> I entered the parameters in the NDO MySql Server section in Nagios module (on i-doit server).  The communication between i-doit and Nagios is working fine.

    -> I scheduled a task with cron to launch the command "php /path/controller.php -v -m nagios >> /var/log/idoit".
        Here's an extract of what I can find in this log file (same every 10min):

    * Loading module: nagios
       * Logging in..
       * Connected to mandator: 1 (xxxx)
       * Logged in as: nagsync
       * Setting up system environment
       * Nagios-Handler initialized (2010-10-12 18:30:02).
       * Processing xxxxx..
       * Processing xxxxx..
       * Logging out

    -> Through i-doit web interface, I can see that my servers are UP or DOWN, so the communication with Nagios is working well but I cannot get the other monitoring information like CPU use or Memory use…
    Do you have any idea on what can I do ?
    Thank you in advance for your answer !

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