How to create location in i-doit 1.8 OPEN

  • Hello,Guys in I-doit
    I am testing i-doit 1.8 OPEN to see if it satisfies requirement of our company. While in using it, I found a problem for me that I can't find the place to create "location".
    When I am in location view, I can't see any menu for creating "Location", and I looked for other tabs such like "Software;Infrastructure;Other;Contact;Extras",There is also no such place to create it.
    My question is that is this feature of creating location not available to OPEN version.
    If it is not so, Can you please tell me how I can create it.

    Many thanks to you all.

  • i-doit Kenner

    Hi and welcome to i-doit,

    Documenting locations is definitively possible in i-doit open. You should find a category "Location" in some objects. See the example in the i-doit open demo:

    Just so that you know: You can only select an object as a location, which itself has a location and for which object type it is configured that it is available as a location for other objects.

    Kind Regards,

  • Thanks, Creiss.
    I followed your link and found the proper place to create it.
    It is located at Tab "Infrastucture", there is a item named "Building" where location can be created.

    Many thanks for your help!

  • i-doit Kenner

    You are welcome. 🙂

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