• Dear,

    Why on open version I cannot add serial number for licences like on pro version (online demo)? In open version I cannot see Licenses submenu for where I can add serial numbers. It is bug or stupid restriction?

  • i-doit Kenner


    This is one of the features, which is only available in the pro version of i-doit. The specific category is missing in i-doit open.

    You can find a feature list under But I must admit that in that list it looks like documenting licences is fully possible with i-doit open…

    Kind Regards,

  • Sorry, but it is so stupid 😕

  • i-doIT Team

    Dear kolesar,

    In the current state there must be a difference between i-doit open and i-doit pro. Otherwise, one of them is useless. If you feel like to criticize this business model then these forums will be the right place for an open and constructive discussion. Your multiple use of the word "stupid" is not the way to take this discussion any step further.

    Kind regards,

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