Missing Object type group?

  • Hi folks,

    In the process of learning the open version of I-doIT.

    In the documentation, there is a list of tabs with my doit, contact, Information, Infrastructure, Hardware, etc. My implementation doesn't have all of these groups.I-Doit.png

    This may be by design as it is the open version, but I thought I'd ask. (I may have messed something up when I set up the server.. 😉

    Is it possible to add those groups to this implementation? I haven't found instructions to do so ... yet, but again, I could be missing something.

    Thanks so much!

  • i-doIT Team


    you can add your own object-groups with the quick-configuration-wizard.
    I hope this help you to get it.

    Best regards

  • Thank you, I realized as I did more research; the Open version of I-Doit doesn't have the quick-configuration-wizard.

    (Or I messed up the install 😉

    Thanks so much, have a great week!


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