• Hi Everyone, i'm discovering i-doit and I have a question about Inventory number.

    I have set the automatic inventory number with the counter %COUNTER#5%, but before i made that in place i already had created many device.
    I'd like to know if it's possible to set the inventory number automatically and if not where can i find the number generated by this counter ?

    Thanks per advance.

  • Hello @Terence,

    the counter is only used when creating objects and can not be used afterwards as far as i know.
    In the table isys_catg_accounting_list of the idoit_data database you can check which inventory numbers are already in use.

    Where the variable is maintained, @LFischer could tell you for sure.

  • Hello @Michael-Overkamp, Thanks for your reply, I'll check into the database and let you know about the issue.