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  • Hello.
    I just tried to install on DEbian. I got some warnings that I fixed in php and MySQL, and then it complained about wrong MySQL version (5.5). So I upgraded to Recommended 5.7.

    Now when I continue installation I just get a blank screen ? Anyone know what that can be ?

  • i-doit Kenner


    Did you fix these errors before or after the installation? The cause for a blank page can be missing rights in the file system. Did you check that? What does your error log say? You can find it under /var/log/apache2/error.log (or similar).

  • I fixed them before installation.

    No errors in the log 😞

    I have also ran the permission scripts.

  • Maybe your Webserver does not allow overrides (AllowOverride directive), so that the .htaccess does not work. Or maybe your Apache rewrite module is not loaded.

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