Instalation loop

  • Hi everyone.

    i m trying to install on freebsd11 (i know is not in documentation and not listed to supported)
    anyhow i did reach the fist setup page and filled all the requested info and db connections without have any error prompted.
    when i click finish the installation the page goes blank and if reloaded it goes back to first setup.

    any one had the same ? any idea what is the cause of that?

    thank you

  • i-doit Kenner


    Most of the time a blank page is a sign for missing rights on files. You should check your log files.

    Beside that: Why do you want to install it on a system, which is not supported?

    Kind Regards,

  • already thoughts of the right and gave 777 permission on all Apache web directory. didn't  change any thing.
    also i have no log files to /log directory.

    the question on installing on an unsupported os: that's because  i'm more familiar with it than the rest.

    i will switch to one of the others OS to get it run than investigate on the FreeBSD problem.

    thank you

  • Did you investigate the Apache error logs? Most PHP errors should be logged there.

  • would be interested in as well as I'm going to install it there as well

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